Energy Supply with Utility Grid

Become more independent in the use of energy with intelligent technology from Off Grid Thailand.

  • Your system will offset some or most of your usage
  • You can expand or change your system on a modular basis at any time
  • You can rely on our support, from planning to commissioning the system


Array Size Starting Price
1.5kW Grid-Tie System 87,000 Baht
2.0kW Grid-Tie System 116,000 Baht
3.0kW Grid-Tie System 174,000 Baht
5.0kW Grid-Tie System 290,000 Baht
10.0kW Grid-Tie System 580,000 Baht
20.0kW Grid-Tie System 1,160,000 Baht

Off Grid Thailand’s Complete On-Grid Systems are connected to utility grids and feed power back into the grid. These systems consist of PV panels that are connected to the grid via a tie inverter. The power produced by the PV system can either supply electrical loads to or be fed back into the grid when the PV system's output is greater than the load demand. 

Enter your monthly kWh usage from your electric bill to see what size system you will need.


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